StyleInMi is a journey through Milan style, admired and imitated worldwide.

Milan is the capital of fashion and its unique style is the result of a centuries-lasting history whose actors are the great stylists, who brought its name all over the world, tailors, who allowed Milan fashion design to be considered as the best in the world, and, above all, common people,  who walk along the city center streets every day. This uniqueness was born from fashion culture in Italy, fitted to its most cosmopolitan and forward-looking city.

Sometimes insolent, often snobbish, always perfect, this style can be perceived at any time on any day, walking down the streets, hopping up and down its “trams”, it can be found in a uniquely knotted scarf, in its businessmen speeding down the streets riding their motor-scooters wearing exclusive tailor-made suits. In Italian, you could sum it all up in a word: “Sprezzatura”.

StyleInMi is this style, absorbed by its founded, and readapted, to be conveyed to all the ones who want to learn about it and live it, deeply, through a unique journey.

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